Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it then by giving someone a big soft handmade Heart? I’m always making my patterns with a thought of who the finished item will go to afterwards (I know, I could also just keep everything haha), and this idea was inspired by my niece who is turning 14 this week. It has been really hard trying to think what to make a girl her age since it seems like all she is into right now is anything but handmade… But this Auntie is stubborn and I had to figure it out. Luckily she asked for a heart pillow! Plus it was perfect for this time a year too! I need to wrap it now and hopefully she’ll be happy with it 🙂 I do like how it looks besides the Drumstick Pillow! 🙂

If you’d like to make your own to make for someone special enjoy my FREE Pattern 🙂

Heart Pillow Pattern by Sahrit

Heart Pillow Pattern by Sahrit Heart Pillow Pattern by Sahrit Turkey and Heart Pillows Pattern by Sahrit



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