I’ve notice a pattern in the last few years and I’m not referring to one of the patterns I’ve thought to create.

Since Sewing has joined my life In the last three years I see that every Fall I feel an itch to wrap my self in yarn and create Crochet all my ideas but once Spring comes I naturally lose interest in yarn and am addicted to fabric and sewing.

I know it makes total sense, I mean crocheting in the summer is no easy task. Especially if you are always hot like me haha

So why do I feel such guilt when I neglect one or the other? Well.. since I consider myself a pretty happy gal that doesn’t like to pick only one hobby I’m trying to embrace both and learn how to give each its expressive place.

Instead of deciding you belong to Fall/Winter Mr. Yarn and Ms. Fabric you belong to Spring/Summer I’m going to free my mind and let the inspiration come when it wants!

That should also explain my variety of creations you’ve seen in my blog 🙂 I’m a proud Gemini that cannot pick just one genre yet haha

So stay tuned to my mixed inspirations! 😀

Here are my some of my latest projects!


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                    Mommy and Me Hearts Leggings/Pants for Mother’s Day


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                                                 Up cycling from PJ’s!!!


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                                       Comfy Stretchy Soft Teal Leggings


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                    Happy customer looking fabulous in her new leggings!


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                                                     Baby Boy Fox Pants


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                                 Fun print leggings – Mom Friendly 🙂


Sewing Fun by Sahrit                                                                  Butterflies and Flowers Dress!

What do you think?

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