This year is my son’s first halloween and the question of what I should dress him up in has been keeping my mind busy lately. I definitely can simply go to the store and buy any of the hundred adooooorable costumes but than again the crafter in me is telling me NO WAY!

Last year we hosted an amazing party when I was 6 months pregnant and of course hosting a party and being pregnant wasn’t enough I “HAD” to make my own costume AND make my hubby one too πŸ™‚

My hubby wanted me to make him no other than this:

Bear Costume

Yes we could have ordered it online and saved a lot of time but we waited till a week before the party (we like waiting last minute on things haha) and the pressure was on! There was no waiting for it to come in the mail. So I was like: “Challenge excepted”!

Let me tell you, I have never made my own 3D sewing pattern yet so I was just gonna make it as I go not worrying about anything! I knew that worst case we’ll wear last year’s costume haha

I went shopping for fabric and this one was just Purrrfect! I also got some fabric for the legs that look like Jeans and Black Fabric for the shoes.

I Looked at another Teddy Bear I had and tried to guess how to make the head so later I can sew in the Nose. The Ears were pretty easy since I just made the shape, cut out 2 for each ear, sewed Right sides together and turn the piece inside out.

Then I Played with different shape ideas for the nose and snout using Muslin Fabric. When I found a shape that I liked I sewed the pieces together.

And flipped the piece out.

This part was pretty tricky. Trying to sew the Nose to the Head and remember which side was the front of the face and which the back. When the piece is wrong side up it gets very confusing. And again time was limited so It didn’t leave room or mistakes.

Always love showing my mess mid projects πŸ˜€ This is the part I stuffed the Bear’s Head and Hands. Oh And the Fake Shoes and Jeans…

Finished Hands.

Here is the finished project…

My Hubby loved his new costume! πŸ˜€

And then it was time for mine! I wanted a Costume to incorporate my pregnancy and of course I love disney so I thought I will try and be Genie in The Bottle. Making my Belly the Bottle πŸ˜€ I took one of my tight shirts to trace a pattern for the main area. Then I cut out a long piece to be the edge of the bottle, sewn in right sides together and then turned it inside out. I used a stick to stuff the edging.

I stuffed the Handle and Spout.

I sewn them to the Body of the piece. Next I made the bottom edging and yea it took forever to stuff πŸ™‚I made a vest, and a strapless shirt and a hair piece. And here is the final project!

What do you think?

So back to now! What should we be for Halloween??? Here are some really great Family costume ideas I’ve seen online that have been giving me inspiration.

Care Bear Costume

Check out this amazing idea! Photo by Seevanessacraft.comΒ I like the Idea of transforming my stroller into something so I can walk outside trick or treating πŸ™‚

And this is my favorite idea right now and the main reason I’m thinking to create something with my baby carrier.

Baby popcorn idea

I just think this is SOOOOOOO creative!!!! love it! Check out her idea here.

So… Any ideas??? πŸ˜€


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