After over a month waiting to get around and finish my 9th Amigurumi Disney Princess, I have finally completed the lovely Tiana from Princess and the Frog.

This is probably the most complicated one I’ve done yet. It was especially hard because she has a 3 layer dress which made things more complicated as far as crocheting everything together and think of a nice pattern that would be pretty but simple enough to make. I had a hard time visualizing her at first, but once I did there was so much detail I just had to really create it like I imagined it! See some of the pics below.

The pattern came out with more than 40 pictures and 13 charts! Check her out here and tell me what you think: Princess Tiana Pattern

Tiana Amigurumi

Princess and the frog Amigurumi

Tiana in the making Crochet

Tiana in the making Crochet

alison says:

She’s beautiful! Nice job on the blog. I look forward to following your crafty adventures 🙂

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