In the few months since I’ve started creating and selling patterns on Etsy, I’ve created over 36 unique patterns ranging from baby toys to home decoration and it has been a BLAST!

It took a while to learn all the processes involved behind operating an active shop on Etsy and delivering the patterns – you would be surprised how involved this can get!

Here’s what happens when I get an order on Etsy:

  1. Receive the order email from Etsy with the details of the purchased patterns
  2. Get the buyer email from the order in case she/he decided they want to have the patterns sent to a different email
  3. Go to PayPal to verify payment confirmation (or wait for an email notification from PayPal) – when people pay for instance with an e-check I need to wait a few days before payment is cleared :S
  4. Send an email to the buyer with the patterns they requested – in case they requested a lot of patterns I need to split it into several emails due to the size. Sometimes I need to split even more if the buyer’s inbox is full.
  5. Go back to Etsy and renew the item so it can be re-listed and be available for purchase on the store
  6. Mark the order as ‘Shipped’
  7. Go to PayPal – mark the order as Shipped again

Quite a task! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Etsy charges 3.5% of every transaction + 20c per item listed.

Not too while ago I stumbled upon – a site where you can learn anything crafty and – buy and sell patterns!

I finally found the time and posted my beloved Ariel pattern and a few days later I got my first sale on Craftsy! Woohoooo!

For comparison, here’s what I need to do when I get an order on Craftsy:

  1. Receive a payment notification in PayPal

That’s right! I need to do NOTHING! Why do you ask?

When I list a pattern on Craftsy, I upload the PDF of the pattern directly into their system. When someone buys a pattern on Craftsy, they immediately get access to the pattern and I am not required to do anything so it’s a win-win transaction for both of us.

If you are selling patterns on Etsy you should definitely expand to Craftsy. If you like buying Patterns, you should definitely consider Craftsy because of the ease of transaction.

Add to that – selling on Craftsy is 100% FREE so you get more for your efforts and as a buyer, you are supporting the hard working designers even more.

How can you not love a company that has this in their FAQ?

Why does Craftsy feel it’s important to support independent pattern designers?

When you buy a pattern from an independent designer, you not only get exceptional creativity and quality, but you make a choice to support a real person (and their small business). By supporting our independent pattern designers, we’re able to deliver on the values that matter most to our community, such as:

  • Variety and originality: When Craftsy members look for patterns, they want something unique and inspiring. Indie designers are constantly pushing the cutting edge of creativity, introducing new patterns and techniques for all to enjoy.
  • Personal connection: As we’ve seen with our online classes and workshops, Craftsy members love being able to communicate directly with designers and experts. It simply feels good to make a connection with the creative person behind the patterns you love. What’s more, it’s a lifesaver when you get stuck and need a little expert help.
  • Support for small businesses: Independent designers make a living by selling their creative ideas to other passionate crafters. Supporting indie designers directly fuels local economies and helps keep a lot of creative businesses thriving around the world.


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