I made these Legos for who else but my nephew who is obsessed with Legos right now! I even discovered they can be a great way to teach kids how to juggle! They are really light so it’s easy to throw them in the air and catch. These are a great little gift for any Lego lover and besides being used for juggling they can work as mini bed pillows and more…

Lego Pattern by Sahrit

Skill level: Advance Beginner.

What will you need:

Knitting Needles: 5.5mm/ US 9

Crochet Hook: 4mm/G

Yarn Needle, Scissors

Polyester Fiberfill Filling

Foam 1″ thick and 6″X8″ wide (Get more foam if you plan on making more than 3 Legos)

RED HEART With Love: You can us different kinds of colors.

  • Holly Berry – Color A
  • Navy –  Color B

 RED HEART Super Saver:

  • Bright Yellow – Color C
Gauge in Stockinette st:
7 sts = 2″; 10 rows = 2″ In Stockinette st.


Finished size of one Lego:
2 1/2″ Wide, 4″ long and 3″tall


Crochet Abbreviations:
ch chain
sc single Crochet
st/s stitch/es
sl st
slip stitch
rnd round


Rectangles (Make 4 in each color)

Cast on 10 sts on one Knitting Needle one after the other.

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Purl.

Rep rows 1-2 in Stockinette st until row 18.

Bind off. Fasten off; leaving a long tail for later.

Squares (Make 2 in each color) 

Cast on 10 sts on one Knitting Needle one after the other.

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Purl.

Rep rows 1-2 in stockinette st until row 10.

Bind off. Fasten off; leaving a long tail for later.

Working sts same time

Circles (Make 2 in each color)

Begin with a magic ring. Ch 1. Here is a link to the tutorial for the magic ring.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in ring. (pull tail of yarn) (6 sc)

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each of next 6 sc. (12 sc)

Rnd 3: Working in Back Loops only this rnd, 1 sc in each of next 12 sc, Sl st to next sc. (12 sc) Fasten off; leaving a long tail for later.

All pieces are spread out


With Wrong Sides facing upwards and yarn needle sew Rectangles and Squares together as pictured below. 4 Rectangles attached across and on the second Rectangle from the right sew one square above and one below it.

Pieces attached with numbers


Flip the piece over so Right Side is up. Stuff both circles with fiberfill and then sew them over the Rectangle with the two Squares (Rectangle number 2).

Circles attached to Lego Pattern

With Right Sides folded together, Sew the long edge of Rectangle no. 4 to the long edge of Rectangle no. 1.

Sew 3 sides of one of the squares to the Rectangles. A 3D Rectangle is forming. Sew only two sides of the second square; leaving a gap to flip the Cube inside out and insert the Foam filling.


Cut 6 pieces of 2″x4″ out of the Foam. Insert 2 pieces of Foam per Lego through the gap we previous left. Seal the gap by sewing it together. Shape the Cube with your fingers to give it straighter corners and your Lego is ready to Play with!

Juggling Legos Pattern by Sahrit


Juggling Legos Free Pattern by Sahrit


Legos with logo

Hope you enjoyed the pattern! Feel free to contact me for any questions, leave comments and share! 🙂

© Sahrit Freud – Weinstein 2014. All rights reserved.

*Please don’t use this pattern, or the items produced following the pattern for commercial/retail purposes.

Gail Demaree says:

Could these made larger by using more stitches to make a bigger pillow? My grandsons love legos and I thought this would be cute to make a pillow for them for Christmas. Thanks.

Sahrit says:

Hey Gail!

I sure think so! You would probably need to multiply the sts by at least 4 by my guess and then when you make the piece make sure that you still have the original shapes (4 Rectangles, two squares, and then for the crochet circles you’ll need to keep increasing your rounds first so it’s the size you like and then work some even rnds to make the circle shape.

Let us know how it goes! and feel free to post you pictures here or on my fb page: eye for cuteness

All the best,
Sahrit 🙂

[…] Legos: This is actually a combination of knitting and crochet; the crochet produces the little Lego “knobs.” The pattern creates small plush Legos that can be used as is for very young children, as small decorative pillows, or as for the designer, to teach a child to juggle. […]

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