My son’s nursery’s theme is Nautical and Whales so I’ve been making different items to decorate his room. This item is my second ever sewing pattern that I’ve designed and I’m happy to share it with you!

*This was meant as a decorative Pillow so I haven’t experienced it holding together or not as a play toy or regular pillow šŸ™‚

What you’ll need:

Printout Pattern Sheets – Click here to download PDF – Anchor Decorative Pillow Sewing Pattern by Sahrit

Printed Duck Fabric or any other fabric you’d like for a pillow 22″X22″.

100% Polyester Fiberfill for filling.

Fabric Scissors, matching thread for fabric and correct Needle for fabric thickness. I used a 90/16.

Print out pattern sheets,  cut out the pieces and tape them together. Connect A-B to A-B, and then C-D to C-D to have your traceable Pattern. 

Anchor Pillow by Sahrit

If you’d like, do this process again to mirror Pattern, and then you do not need to fold the fabric a second time (I prefer to cut once). When having the full Anchor shape in front of you ignore the “on fold”.

*Note: I you use the pattern as is without mirroring, Fold the fabric Salvage to Salvage, Cut the folding line to create two squares, and fold each square so you can place the pattern piece on the Fold of the fabric. CUT 2.

My instructions below will be as if you decided to use the whole shape of the Anchor. (Let me know if you got confused from these two options and I’ll try to correct my self ;))

Fold your Fabric in half matching salvage to salvage (I got a lot more fabric then needed here).

Anchor pillow sewing pattern by Sahrit
Place Pattern on Fabric and trace around it. Pattern includes already seam allowance of 1/4″ (when I created it I actually made room for a 3/8″ seam so you can decide to use either).

Anchor pillow sewing pattern

Sew right sides together with straight stitch leaving a gap as wide as your hand to stuff open.

Anchor pillow sewing pattern

trim seam about 1/8″ away being careful not to cut the thread (speaking from experience lol)

Anchor pillow sewing pattern

Create notches around curves (helps when flipping piece to keep seams flat) and trim corners.

It’s a bit tricky flipping the fabric inside out so take your time and use an end of a pencil or end of Crochet hook for the edges being careful not to poke a hole through the fabric (again speaking from experience haha)

With the overcasting stitch on my machine I have sewn the edges of the circle together.

Anchor pillow sewing patternAnchor pillow sewing pattern

Anchor pillow sewing pattern

Stuff very carefully the edges and the top circle. When finished stuffing the pillow, sew the gap together. And your pillow is ready! šŸ™‚

Anchor pillow sewing pattern by Sahrit

Hope you enjoyed making this! Please share with friends, link back to the pattern, share your projects, comment and ask me for any help! šŸ˜€

Happy Sewing!


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